Carl Freer Announces Clinical Trials on Patented Burn Dressing

As the founder at Aluminaid, Carl Freer founded a company that has pioneered the development of treatments for burn patients. Aluminaid has created the first significant technological disruption in burn care in the last century with its thermally conductive dressings for people with first- and second-degree burns. The patented bandages offer instant relief. Aluminaid has produced a wide range of burn dressings and is now expanding its distribution, as well as its portfolio of first-aid products.

Of the invention Freer said, “I suffered a severe 2nd degree burn to my hand a few years ago and despite holding my hand under cold running water the pain was too intense and being in the mountains, the closest doctor was over two hours away. My wife–who studied material science–told me to wrap the burn in foil as it would thermally conduct the heat away from the skin and relieve the pain. Reluctantly, I followed her instructions; after less than 20 minutes the pain had not only subsided–it was gone.”

Following the observation, Freer investigated all of the literature available on thermal conduction and burn studies and found that there was nothing covering his self-administered treatment. He took a break from the media and technology field to recruit NASA scientists and develop a burn dressing using thermal conduction. The custom compound that resulted increased conductive performance by a multiple factor from that of standard foil. Freer promptly filed for a patent, earning a grant in September 2013.

Of the invention, Freer said, “We were privileged to receive an endorsement from first responders, fire fighters and even the late Dr Richard Grossman, who was one of the worlds leading burn specialists.”

Aluminaid is conducting a sixty-patient clinical trial in conjunction with Jakarta General Hospital. Aluminaid is also creating a burn spray that is used for sunburn as well as hydrogel sheets for medical first responders.

Aluminaid’s product line has already received HSA and CE approval, with FDA approval pending.


Carl Freer is a leading inventor and serial entrepreneur with over two decades experience in the technology sector. Swedish by birth, Carl Johan Freer is a named inventor on over a dozen of patents in the US, Europe, and Asia. Early in his career, he helped Tiger Telematics, Inc., grow to a $2.7 billion market capitalization on the back of its games and advancements in handheld gaming technology. Carl J Freer’s latest venture, Aluminaid, was founded 2010. Carl Freer is also a trustee of the Family Tree Foundation, which operates as a crowdfunding platform that funds orphanages, medical clinics, and children in need.


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